Sunday, November 20, 2011

Show and Tell !

The past Friday we had show and tell .. The children are so excited to share what is meaningful to them... Below are some of the items that were shared .. 

Morah Gaby 

Alyssa Levin brought in a glass heart that a 
special friend have to her as a gift.

Ariella M. brought in something special 
from her trio to Niagara Falls. She brought 
in a snow globe and a bell .

Avi brought in a Harmonica. It was really great!!!
He even played a tune for us... :)

Nina brought in a pretend watch that a friend gave her..
It almost looks like a real one. 

 Ariella G. brought in a special doll that could also work as a 
key chain. Ariella told us that it is part of a collection
and  that she has four more at home ..

Dalia brought in a book about the Planets, and a Planet 
sculpture. When she turned it on it told us all about the 
and how they get there name. 

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