Sunday, November 13, 2011

Show and Tell !

This past Friday we had our weekly show-and-tell. The children brought in items which are meaningful to them. It was really nice to watch them share what they brought and why. 

Morah Gaby 

Avi brought in DSI and showed the class how it can make songs...

                                              Mirelle brought  in her Kung Fu Panda pillow pet that her brother gave her as a gift.. she sleeps and plays with it .. :)
                                  Ariella G. went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.. while she was there she saw a painting she really liked and got a post card of it.. she needed a magnifying glass to see the very fine things.. she brought the post card in the share with the class .. 

                                                 Ariella M. brought in something from Scottish Folklore that her dad gave her. . it is supposed to bring good luck.. :) 
                                                 Estee brought in her little stuffed dog that she sleeps with .. 
                                            Alisa G. brought in coins that she got in Israel when she was their for a visit.. she showed them to the whole class ..

                                          Nina brought in a pumpkin  that her mom gave her .. she told us that some people eat pumpkin on Thanksgiving.. 

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