Friday, June 22, 2012

"All About Animals" Publishing Party

A publishing party is when we celebrate a a child's writing. In first grade we learned about the features of non-fiction. We spent a lot of time learning about the different parts of non-fiction book, together as a group, independently, and with a partner. Once I modeled for the class, they then went off with their own non-fiction books, and post it notes to locate the various non-fiction features we were learning about. We simultaneously learned about writing non-fiction stories. That is when we began writing non-fiction. The type of non-fiction we wrote is called "All About Books." Each child picked an animal they would like to research and write about. This too was a multi-step process. With each step I modeled for the class what they would have to do, as I was researching Sharks. For example, if they would be researching what the animal looked like, I would take out my book and find the information and write facts on a post it. I would place the post it notes on my own planning sheet, and then they would go off and do the same with their own planning sheets and post it notes. Once the children completed the first step they then had to take all their facts and create a book. First grade was very successful, in creating very comprehensive, and interesting "All About Books." I applaud their hard work. I hope you enjoyed our Publishing Party. The children deserved the recognition!!!

Morah Gaby 


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