Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February is LITERACY MONTH...

Dear Parents,

Please join Mazel Teachers and Mazel Parents Association in participating in Literacy Month this February!  We have many exciting activities and events planned - all aimed at increasing your child's love of reading! 

There will be many ways to participate - one of which includes visiting our classroom one day in February to read-aloud one of your child's favorite books!   We are starting to schedule parents now, so please let me know when you might be available.  The best times to come in are Morning

Once you've got a date scheduled, you will need to select the book that you would like to read to the class.  Here are some guidelines to consider:
a) It should be a book that your child enjoys reading at home.
b) The average length of the books we read in class are about 20 minutes long to accomodate the attention of the children when being read to in a group.

Please let me know which title you have selected, so that I can ensure that you don't end up reading the same book as another parent :)

Morah Gaby

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